Technology is driving changes in consumer shopping behavior; shoppers still rely on brick and mortar locations to make the majority of their final purchases. ChainTrack Beacons provide an O2O (Online to offline) platform.

Every customer who walks into a brick and-mortar retail location offers a prime opportunity for a retailer to drive sales and bolster brand image. But while static promotions and out-of-store media can lure some consumers, digital notifications can raise the bar. That’s because these innovative tools are capable of creating an in-store shopping experience that communicates a brand’s story, increases revenue and strengthens customer relations.

Retailers and CPG brands can now implement in-store digital media technology programs that address omnichannel challenges. Key benefits include:

1. Enhance the brand image

2. Educate shoppers

3. Empower sales associates

4. Deliver action on promotional offers

5. Improve back-room efficiency

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